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Lauxmont Farms Wedding and Coldplay Concert

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My sister Krispy had a beautiful wedding this weekend at Lauxmont Farms in Lancaster, PA. The scenery was something out of a movie and probably the nicest setting that I’ve ever been to for a wedding. Here are a couple pictures of the grounds, the first one is from the rehearsal and the second one is the full setup from the day of the wedding.

Despite temperatures in the 90’s Krispy looked great and looked like she had a great time! And Philbur looked… well, he looked like Philbur.

Just kidding, buddy, you looked good too! Like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, but all grown up and in a tuxedo! Nobody shot their eye out during the wedding, but one girl in the wedding party did pass out during the nuptials. It was hot out!

After we were told to make our way inside during the cocktail hour to get ready for dinner, there was a brief 2 minute downpour of rain that sent everyone running for cover. It was perfectly orchestrated by the venue to coordinate the downpour with the end of cocktail hour to get everyone inside for dinner quickly. Ironically, that 2 minute storm ending up knocking down a tree a couple miles away that fell on the electrical wires outside the home of the wedding planner! We lost power for about 45 minutes! Luckily the backup generator kicked on in time for the DJ to do his introductions, but that didn’t help with the air conditioner! At that point I think everyone was resigned to the fact that we were all going to be sweaty messes. Not a dry eye in the house, and not because they were crying.

My Mom did an awesome job on the center pieces and decorations. It was amazing how much work she put in to everything and she was still able to enjoy the day too!

Philbur’s Dad made a nice heartfelt speech. I thought it was really cool how his Dad was his best man and you can tell that they really are best friends. And they are both Philadelphia Eagles fanatics so things couldn’t have gone better as Philbur’s wedding coincided with the Eagles trading Kevin Kolb and signing the top free agent on the market. I’m not sure if they were more excited about the Eagles moves or Philbur’s marriage, we’ll call it a tie.

Then The Dadman then said a few words just to let everyone know it was ok to start taking clothes off because of the heat, no need to keep those ties and jackets on. The dinner was great and the air conditioning kicked back on soon after. The drinks were flowin’ and Daisy and I spent most of the rest of the night on the dance floor with my Aunts, The Twisted Sisters. We took a break for a few minutes here and there to visit the photo booth that Krispy and Philbur rented! It was a lot of fun! It was great too seeing family that we haven’t seen in years and some that I only know from pictures. My only regret is that I could not get to my laptop to blog about it live…

Fredman Bonus Coverage: Here is a link to a free live 9 song Coldplay album from March 2010. If you don’t like them, the song Death Will Never Conquer is a good change of pace tune as it features the drummer on lead vocals. You have to enter your email address, but they never sent me anything so don’t worry about having to subscribe to get the download.

Required Lady Gaga reference: Lady Gaga is left handed. Who knew?

Here is a final picture of Krispy and Philbur walking off into the sunset together…. Congratulations, Guys!

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  1. I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ayo! gotta let go

  2. wow, it might be time for some rogaine! good thing Kripy loves me!


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